About Simple Plate

Welcome to Simple Plate! Where you’ll find real simply southern recipes direct from the heart of Dixie.

I’m Debbie and I call this my kitchen playground. Its a place where I share the heart of my childhood in the south. What you’ll find here are the best truly southern recipes, pulled from my personal files along with some fabulous contributions from bloggers around the country who enjoy sharing their own simple recipes and reminders of their childhood comfort foods. My heritage is Cajun/Creole/Italian/American. My cooking and joy speak to all of those. So you’ll find some foods here you might typically think of as being southern. I hope you’ll give them all a try and make them some of your own favorites. All of my recipes here are easy and foods you’ll find family friendly, I use organic ingredients more often than not, and lots of shortcuts to just good eating, we call it just plain good!

Personally, I’m a Coffee Addict, Adele fan and a wandering code junkie. I’m slighty addicted to my cast iron cookware, and my crock pot. My kitchen aid mixer is much loved for making breads, cakes, pastas and more.

I’ve always considered myself a fairly normal person (though I could be wrong). I have an enormous family stretching from coast to coast, 4 cats and a little mini dachshund who suffers from little man syndrome. While my children are grown with their own families, I still enjoy big holidays and sharing southern delicacies with friends and family.

I live in the moment more often than not, you’ll hear me say ‘yall come visit and mean it, a lot!

I’ve lunched with some famous folk, spent time in more than 50 cities in my life and currently reside again in the south. Weekends you’ll find me celebrating the SEC in its many sports venues or working and cheering my favorite Nascar driver at one of the many racetracks around the US. This is my home. Grab a glass of Southern Champagne (that’d be sweet tea), pull up a chair, make yourself comfortable and lets dish!

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