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About The Girl

An energetic, a passionate leader with entrepreneurial spirit, who maintains outstanding ethics and integrity; Debbie began blogging about business, marketing, advertising, social media and achieving work/life balance as a virtual executive. She is an accomplished speaker and author, and has brought her business vision to local and national groups of all sizes. Her personal foundation, 1 Million Memories was founded after her parents death in 2002 to support Alzheimer’s Research and Education and has a goal of raising $1 Million Dollars, 1 Dollar at a time for scholarship and Caregiver support.

Debbie has been featured as an author on sites like, Type A Moms, and others. Her work with national brands such as Clorox, HP, Wendy’s, Hagen Daz, Hebrew National, Volkswagen America, Kimberly Clark and more have brought her voice to the forefront of Social Media and Virtual Publicity.

Debbie’s specialties include business development, marketing, social media, creating buzz, word-of-mouth promotion, motivation, PMA and humor. She can be reached by email as found on the Contact Page. She is available by appointment for interviews, speaking engagements, consultations and product development.