Wellspring Wednesday Proverbs 16



I am a planner in life; it’s rare that I don’t have plans set for the week and weekends. My months are usually planned in advance, if I am free on the weekends I usually pencil in something. But regardless of all my planning that I do, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll go my way. Just because we plan doesn’t mean that it will go the way we need it to, the path that we chose may be the correct one in our eyes. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the path that God needs us to take. Proverbs 16:9 tells us that the Lord determines our steps.

As humans we like to have our lives planned out, especially if you have an A type personality. The Lord will never let us down in life, it can be different than what we want, and usually it is. I have learned that planning my life out to the minute doesn’t mean it’ll go my way, and that’s a very hard lesson to learn. God knows what he is doing, we have to learn to trust him, his path that he carved out for us, the twists and turns will lead us to our destiny.

Are you able to let God lead you?

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