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Beat the Heat With a Microwave #FastFreshFilling Copycat Burrito Bowl

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Copycat Burrito Bowl

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We are a busy family and the warm days of summer mean we’d much rather be outside playing and having fun versus sitting inside being bumps on a log. Even if we don’t pack our days full of activities and just go with the flow, by the time dinner time rolls around, I absolutely hate standing in front of the cooktop stirring a hot pot. It’s summer – I’ve already been outside soaking up the sun and getting hot and sweaty from playing!

Our family enjoys “summer meals” – meals that are quick, that are easy, and that don’t heat up our kitchen. We went for quite a while without central air conditioning, so it primed us well for this type of mealtime. Now that we have a/c, I’d prefer to not have a hot kitchen and the rest of the house cool, so I still employ the “summer meals” frequently.

One of our family favorites is what we call “taco bowls”, but if you know popular food chains, you’ll be calling this a “burrito bowl”. It’s 100% customizable, but I keep ours as quick and simple as possible.

Let’s take a look at how I can take these easy ingredients from Tyson and Bird’s Eye and create a family-friendly, summer-friendly, no-stress meal that’s ready in minutes!

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Copycat Burrito Bowl

Quick and easy, microwave cooked meal using Tyson Grilled & Ready Chicken Breast Fillets and Bird's Eye Steamfresh Protein Blends, Southwest Style
Course: Main dish
Cuisine: Mexican
Servings: 5
Author: Mandi


  • Cooked rice 1 to 2 cups per serving, white or brown
  • Tyson Grilled & Ready Chicken Breast Fillets one fillet per serving
  • Bird's Eye Steamfresh Protein Blends Southwest Style, 1 to 2 bags depending on family size
  • Additional toppings such as: cheese lettuce, sour cream, avocado


  • Cook your rice in the microwave or use a rice cooker
  • Prepare Tyson Grilled & Ready Chicken Breast Fillets per package instructions on microwave safe plate
  • Prepare Bird's Eye Steamfresh Protein Blends per package instructions
  • Prepare your additional toppings (I told you this was easy!)
  • Organize a burrito topping bar with all of your toppings and allow your family to create their own!

Not sure how to make rice in a microwave? Check out these directions!

You can also make a larger serving of rice in a slow cooker – this is great for cooking ahead, just portion the cooked rice in freezer-safe zipper bags, label, and thaw in the fridge when ready to use. Add a little water and heat in the microwave!

Bird's Eye Steamfresh Protein Southwest

The new Bird’s Eye Steamfresh Protein Blends are a delicious and easy way to add flavor and protein to your meals. The Southwest Style is a blend of whole grains, black beans, corn, lentils, red bell peppers, and sauce. It wasn’t spicy at all and we didn’t have a single speck of leftovers!

Burrito Bowl with Tyson Grilled and Ready Chicken Breast Fillets

Tyson’s Grilled & Ready Chicken Breast Fillets are found in the freezer section at Walmart and a serious lifesaver. Each fillet is a serving size, and since you don’t have to thaw them before cooking, they are perfect for single-serve dishes or a family-size dish. The fillets even have grill marks on them to totally fake out guests if you need to serve lunch or dinner in a pinch!


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  1. Jennifer says

    5 stars
    That looks outstanding! My favorite part of this – aside from how good it looks – is how easy it is to make. I’m all about easy!

  2. Jenna Wood says

    5 stars
    I am in awe of how simple this meal was to make! I just love all the delicious colors and the inviting textures!

  3. Amy says

    Burrito Bowls are a meal that I get weekly from my fav take out chain. I have been thinking about making them at home too to save some cash!

  4. Ann Bacciaglia says

    This looks so delicious and easy to make. I will have to try it on the weekend. I love learning new recipes.

  5. Tammy Roy says

    I love to find new recipes. Especially ones that are so quick and easy to make. I will have to try making this for dinner this week.

    • Mandi says

      Finding new recipes is fun, but when it’s this easy and fast, it’s so much better! Let me know how the family likes it!

    • Mandi says

      We always have some form (or forms) of Tyson chicken in our freezer. Makes meal planning so much easier!

    • Mandi says

      Thanks, it’s perfect for summer and will be even better when school starts back up and we’re dealing with homework and activities!

  6. dawn says

    This looks really and simple. I love simple dishes, because unlike everyone in my family I am not a chef. LOL. I don’t know what happened to me. HEHE.

    • Mandi says

      YES! I’m so not a chef, so when I find something that everyone likes, we throw it into serious rotation. Luckily no one is sick of these bowls yet!

    • Mandi says

      Yes, exactly! We love that it’s so easy to customize them to what everyone likes and it’s way faster than ordering in a loud restaurant!

  7. Laura H says

    5 stars
    Your recipe looks amazing. I love all those flavors and it’s just perfect for the heat we are having in NC. I also love that you don’t have to heat up the house and with big appetites here their is plenty to go around. Thank you. Added this to my must make dinners.

    • Mandi says

      We are headed to NC in September, I hope it’s not blistering hot then! Since we’re staying in a hotel, as long as they have a microwave I’ll be making this for dinner during our trip!

    • Mandi says

      Yes! Even though I work from home, I still have days where I don’t want to cook. This recipe is perfect for those nights!