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Lemon Herb Chicken Piccata

This Chicken Piccata makes for a wicked easy mid-week dinner, that your family will love and guests will ooooooh and ahhhhhh over. Lighter than classic piccata, but still full of bright lemon notes as well as the famed briney capers. I use fresh herbs, and dry white vermouth to bring out the herbal ... READ the POST

Nona’s Chicken Cacciatore {Hunter’s Stew}

Chicken cacciatore is a classic Italian dish, which roughly translates as hunter’s stew. Early recipes might have been made with pheasant, rabbit or chicken, and each recipe was adapted for those who might be traveling or hunting for several days and would require an easy to prepare recipe for ... READ the POST

Chicken Marsala Rustico

Lately, we've been eating a LOT of poultry and seafood. I've been expanding my menu repertoire to include some old family favorites and came across this recipe for chicken marsala and decided I had to give it another try. Finding marsala wine in our old home town was at best difficult and I had ... READ the POST

Authentic Southern Fried Chicken

There's so much to love about Southern Fried Chicken. But let's face it, even here in the south,today, we put off cooking it to the weekends or simply get takeout. I can't tell you how many times I've opted for takeout instead of pulling out the iron skillet. But after watching a marathon of ... READ the POST

Simple Roasted Chicken

Santa brought me a shiny new convection oven for Christmas, and I finally got around to reading the instruction booklet. I decided to make one of my favorite meals and it turned out perfectly! If you're making this in a conventional oven  preheat to 425. Also, check your chicken for doneness at the ... READ the POST

Potato Corn Chicken Chowder

 Cool fall days. They're finally here and so I get to whip out my best soup recipes. This weekend's choice is my Potato Corn Chicken Chowder recipe. This my friends is true comfort food ! All the things you love from potatoes to bacon and then some. Garnish this tasty delight with  a sprinkle of ... READ the POST