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Lemon Herb Chicken Piccata

This Chicken Piccata makes for a wicked easy mid-week dinner, that your family will love and guests will ooooooh and ahhhhhh over. Lighter than classic piccata, but still full of bright lemon notes as well as the famed briney capers. I use fresh herbs, and dry white vermouth to bring out the herbal ... READ the POST

Nona’s Chicken Cacciatore {Hunter’s Stew}

Chicken cacciatore is a classic Italian dish, which roughly translates as hunter’s stew. Early recipes might have been made with pheasant, rabbit or chicken, and each recipe was adapted for those who might be traveling or hunting for several days and would require an easy to prepare recipe for ... READ the POST

Scarborough Fair Herb Compound Butter

MMMMMMMMM Butter! Who doesn't love a pat of fresh cream butter melting on a stack of pancakes, or a warm muffin? Sizzling in a sauté pan browning, melting slowly on an ear of fresh grilled corn. Ok now, I'm hungry!  Add a few herbs to that fresh butter and you've got herb compound butter. Sprinkle ... READ the POST

Copy Cat Campbell’s Tomato Soup

 I love tomato soup. There I said it!  I'm not so crazy about all the 'stuff' that goes into the cans and the organic varieties just lack the flavor. I've not made it in a while, but, when a friend online asked if anyone had a recipe that mimicked the treasured Campbells Tomato Soup recipe, I ... READ the POST

Sea Salt Crusted Rib Steak

This sea salt crusted rib steak is so delicious !  Don't freak out about the amount of sea salt called for it is only used for the crusting process and once cooked, you dispose of all that. With grilling season upon us, for those of you who don't have a grill, this recipe is all you need to make ... READ the POST

Red Beans And Rice

Red Beans and Rice is  one of our favorite recipes when the weather starts to cool. This is one my ' seat of the pants' recipes so feel free to adjust to your own personal tastes. This one is guaranteed to be one of your favorites too.  You won't need to 'guard' the stove as this one takes some ... READ the POST