Off The Rack: Recipes With Garlic

It’s time to bust out your rack again…your spice rack.  This week we are exploring the savory and delicious world of garlic.  Isn’t garlic one of everyone’s favorite spices?  In addition to being delicious it wards off the evil vampires…right?  Now it’s time to take that spice off the rack and make these simple recipes with garlic.

garlic recipes

Pasta with Garlic-Herb Olive Oil Sauce
sun dried tomatoes pasta with garlic oil recipe

Season With Spice

Avocado Hummus
avocado hummus

Kiran Tarun

Crab Cakes with Garlic Aioli
crab cakes with garlic aioli

We Call Him Yes! Chef!

Garlic Potato Cake
garlic potato cake

Unruly Bliss

Roasted Garlic
roasted garlic

Will Cook For Friends

Soft Cheese Bread
soft cheese bread

Seasons & Suppers

The only thing left to do is start cooking…and stock up on breath mints.

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