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Creamy Frozen Grasshopper Cocktail

Creamy Frozen Grasshopper

  • Author: Debbie
  • Yield: 1 1x


  • 1 shot Creme de Menthe (green)
  • 1 shot Goldschläger
  • 1 shot Irish Cream
  • 1 shot White Spiced Rum
  • 2 pieces Mint Leaves
  • 2 scoops mint chocolate chip Ice Cream
  • 1 Splash Half and Half
  • Shaved 90% dark Chocolate
  • Whipped Cream


  1. Blend all ingredients, including the two mint leaves, in blender with ice cream and half and half. Pour into glass
  2. Garnish with a mint leaf and shaved chocolate
  3. Top with a dollop of whipped cream
  • Category: Adult Beverages
  • Cuisine: American