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SEC Team Cupcakes & DIY Custom Toppers

It's the heart of football season in the South. Homecoming. The big game. And every tailgater tries to do something even more special than the next. This year I got it in my head to make these cute little Mississippi State team cupcakes and toppers. And man, I didn't know what I was getting into. ... READ the POST

Perfect French Onion Soup A Bistro Classic

We love soup all year long, but right now is the perfect time for this Perfect French Onion Soup! Warm and comforting, and totally doable on a weeknight, this soup served with a small side salad will make your dinner and your family will request more! Such a simple dish, French Onion Soup.  Most ... READ the POST

Hot Cross Buns, Legendary Goodness

Hot Cross Buns—these doughy, freshly spiced, raisin-studded palate charmers—are traditionally eaten during Lent, especially on Good Friday. Sometimes marked with an icing cross or traditionally with a cross cut on top, they’ve been an Easter holiday staple for centuries.  With such ... READ the POST

Scarborough Fair Herb Compound Butter

MMMMMMMMM Butter! Who doesn't love a pat of fresh cream butter melting on a stack of pancakes, or a warm muffin? Sizzling in a sauté pan browning, melting slowly on an ear of fresh grilled corn. Ok now, I'm hungry!  Add a few herbs to that fresh butter and you've got herb compound butter. Sprinkle ... READ the POST

Perfect Blueberry Muffins

Learning how to make perfect blueberry muffins, doesn't take much time, but does take some attention. There are a few issues when you're making fruit type cakes and muffins and you want to be sure you keep these tips handy. 1. Toss your fruit (in this case blueberries) in a little general purpose ... READ the POST

Chicken Marsala Rustico

Lately, we've been eating a LOT of poultry and seafood. I've been expanding my menu repertoire to include some old family favorites and came across this recipe for chicken marsala and decided I had to give it another try. Finding marsala wine in our old home town was at best difficult and I had ... READ the POST