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SEC Team Cupcakes & DIY Custom Toppers

It's the heart of football season in the South. Homecoming. The big game. And every tailgater tries to do something even more special than the next. This year I got it in my head to make these cute little Mississippi State team cupcakes and toppers. And man, I didn't know what I was getting into. ... READ the POST

CopyCat Nutella Spread

Just in case you have a load of hazelnuts and some chocolate and don't have a jar of the 8th wonder of the world, aka Nutella,  in the house. You can make your own! Homemade and vegan, without the additives usually found in store bought items, I give you our  Copy CatNutella Spread.  Smooth, creamy ... READ the POST

Authentic Italian Meatballs

My Nona made the best ever meatballs. Ask any Italian kid and they'll tell you Authentic Italian Meatballs are little bites of heaven! There's no frozen meatball marketed that can match the flavor and richness of a homemade one. Firm, but never tough, they make an appearance on Sunday tables, ... READ the POST

Ultimate Banana Pudding From Scratch

Childhood dreams revolve around such things as this. Hoping that mama would make this banana pudding from scratch for Sunday dinner, we would often 'stack' the grocery cart with the bananas and vanilla wafers.  Once she tried to get away with the store bought vanilla pudding and it ... READ the POST

Easter Struffoli

These  wonderous little 'doughnut' like delicasies, struffoli, grace italian tables at Christmas, Easter, the Feast of St Joseph, weddings, baptisms and more.  Struffoli, tiny deep fried dough balls bathed in a syrup of honey and citrus rinds and decorated with colored Jordan almonds and sprinkles ... READ the POST

Authentic King Cake For Mardi Gras

If you've ever lived in Mobile, or New Orleans, or Lafayette or any part of the Mississippi Delta for that matter, you know the dates, you know the fun and your craving for and authentic King Cake has come to a full roar! Mardi Gras, that glittery, purple, gold and green crazy train is barrelling ... READ the POST