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SEC Team Cupcakes & DIY Custom Toppers

It's the heart of football season in the South. Homecoming. The big game. And every tailgater tries to do something even more special than the next. This year I got it in my head to make these cute little Mississippi State team cupcakes and toppers. And man, I didn't know what I was getting into. ... READ the POST

Easter Struffoli

These  wonderous little 'doughnut' like delicasies, struffoli, grace italian tables at Christmas, Easter, the Feast of St Joseph, weddings, baptisms and more.  Struffoli, tiny deep fried dough balls bathed in a syrup of honey and citrus rinds and decorated with colored Jordan almonds and sprinkles ... READ the POST

Valentine Heart Angel Biscnuts

Hybrid sweets, all the rage in New York and Chicago, have been served in southern homes for decades. We never gave a 'name' to the biscnut, but we made em, regularly. A lot of flavor, and not much money, they competed well with the likes of Krispy Kreme and Dunkin. And the kiddos got to help. So it ... READ the POST

GrandMa’s Skillet Biscuits

I'm looking forward to the weekend! How about you? Weekends in THIS southern home bring all sorts of great breakfast treats. Sundays bring on the skillet biscuits, gravy, bacon and eggs, and occasionally a side of hashbrowns.  And no, as much as I'd like to say someone else gets the joy of whipping ... READ the POST

Super Secret Ginger Cookies

Over the past few days the alarms have sounded more than a few times as friends have asked for some of  my specialty cookie recipes. I've not been too proned to share the old family cookies, but if I don't who will? And now since most of the old folks have left our earthly home,  I think its time to ... READ the POST

Southern Christmas Fruitcake

This fruitcake recipe has been around our house since Noah was a first mate. More cake than fruit, and the added Grand Mariner makes it extra yummy. Might want to keep the cake away from the small ones. They'll love the fruitcake cookies from earlier! Mind you, this ain't ya mamma's fruitcake and ... READ the POST